Traditional treatment consisting of shortening and saw plate, then close the nail glass scales with a file and remove the plate skins. Nail polish, paint and apply a moisturizing olive. We do not forget about your hands and using skin care lotion, we do massage.


Manicure hybrid, or treatment in which the nail plate is applied to a thin coat of Shellac. But this is not a traditional varnish. It combines the best properties of nail polish (ease of application, high gloss, saturated color) and also the best features of the gel (a thin protective layer, is almost odorless and indelible). It remains flawless, bright and saturated for 14 days. Paint is removed, easily, quickly and safely with the help of acetone. Shellac varnish is insoluble under the influence of the remover. It is thin and flexible, not only looks natural, but also helps protect the nail through the mirror finish that is not tarnishing or chipping while performing daily chores. It is hypoallergenic, does not cause any harm to the natural nail.