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The traditional treatment improves the appearance of natural nail and the skin of the feet. It consists in reducing the tiles in a straight line so as to minimize the risk of ingrown nails in soft tissues. Calluses on the feet and quarrel tarkami special milling machine. We use a smoothing scrub and selected for the needs of the foot, balsam. We massage. Degreased and painted toenail.


Pedicure hybrid, or treatment in which the nail plate is applied to a thin coat of Gelish. But this is not a traditional varnish. It combines the best properties of nail polish (ease of application, high gloss, saturated color) and also the best features of the gel (a thin protective layer, is almost odorless and indelible). It remains flawless, bright and saturated for 14 days. Paint is removed easily, quickly and safely with the help of acetone. Gelish paint does not dissolve under the influence of the remover. It is thin and flexible, not only looks natural, but also helps protect the nail through the shiny finish that is not tarnishing or odpryskiwaniu while performing daily chores. It is hypoallergenic, does not cause any harm to the natural nail.

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Well-groomed hands and nails are the pride of every woman. Unfortunately, we often lack the time and patience for their care. Daily chores, make maintaining good manicure seems almost impossible. In addition, there are many opportunities when you do not want to worry about durability of nail polish: a period of hard work, stress free vacation, or this one special day in the life - from today no longer have to worry about the appearance of your hands!

To meet your expectations, we decided to introduce our offer for soak off manicure





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Gel nails

Gel nails, is one of the most popular method of nail extension, they really enjoy great popularity in countries such a USA, France, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and England.,

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic method is another very popular method of nail extension. The main difference of this method is that it does not need to use UV lamps, because acrylic dries itself. Acrylic method allows you to take 3D arts. The method provides a very hard acrylic nails that during processing stylist require a long and accurate sawing.